Added on: 20th Feb 2015, 6:20 PM

Make Like A Tree
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20th Feb 2015, 6:20 PM
Been really sick. Had like super-flu or something.


20th Feb 2015, 10:42 PM
Your art is so good.
27th Feb 2015, 6:23 PM
24th Feb 2015, 6:23 AM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
I like how causally dressed the tree man is. And I love how atmospheric and depth-y your colors have gotten.

The only thing I don't like about Pulse is that I am not rich enough to pay you a thousand dollars a page to quit your day job and make even more Pulse.

Looking forward to my next binge already.
27th Feb 2015, 6:25 PM
I would let someone rich pay me a thousand dollars a page.

It'll be cool to have a origin for the tree guy eventually. There should be a chapter soon set in the past.