Annie "Pulse" Chang

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5' 3"

Annie grew up with weak electrical powers, reading comics about the fictional comic book hero Jungle Girl. As an adult, an experiment has increased her powers enough to allow her to fuel a flying armored super-suit.

Annie is a trained robotic engineer, building small robots and robotic artificial limbs.

Tabitha "Bolt" Greene

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5' 9"

Annie's eccentric counterpart, where Annie can be the brains, Tabitha is the muscle.

Tabitha was previously a test pilot for experimental aircraft, and was trained in Judo by her father.

Lucy Thompson

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5' 4"

Annie's best friend and roommate. She avoids using her power, and instead tries to be normal.

Lucy is the secretary to once famed scientist Nigel Robbins.

Thomas Kensington

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6'

Annie's love interest. The metalworker.

He carefully plans out each day, often right where he needs to be, almost like he can predict the future sometimes.

Dr. Lynn Mae

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 5' 9"

Annie and Tabitha's primary doctor.

Mother to a superheroine who died fighting the creature.

Richard Chang

  • Age: 42
  • Height: 6'

Annie's Father, the scientist in charge of their training. He once had powers himself.

Connor Silverstone

  • Age: 64
  • Height: 6' 4"

Connor is a retired mid-level superhero, one of the previous generation in the complex.

Due to age, most of his powers are gone. Like many other ex-heroes, he trains rookies- in this case, Annie and Tabitha.

Grace Silverstone

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5' 5"

Connor's granddaughter. Grace has the power to teleport short distances.

Like many with her powers, Grace works in the mailroom.

Tyrone "Thunderpunch" Peters

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 15'

The giant known as Thunderpunch. His left arm is robotic.

Nigel Robbins

  • Age: 60
  • Height: 5' 10"

Father to the cyborg superheroines Mira and Arim, very secretive, and possibly senile.

He was once involved with espionage, building robots to spy and track.

Mira Robbins

  • Age: ??
  • Height: 5' 7"

The tough twin who enjoys fighting. She treats her cyborg bodies as if they were disposable.

Arim Robbins

  • Age: ??
  • Height: 5' 7"

The twin who rarely does anything, she usually just films Mira's fights.

Evilyn "Evil-Eye" Monroe

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5' 7"

The third member of Mira and Arim's team. Evilyn was once a young super-villain.

The Silver Dragon

  • Age: ??
  • Height: 6'

The ex-hero who survived an epic battle by leaving suddenly.